Presentations – COMING SOON


SNAPSHOT IN TIME – 1821 Census of Ireland   Beginner-Intermediate   [In Progress]

Are your ancestors lost in Ireland prior to the famine? Did you know that a few fragments of the first Irish census still exist? Explore remnants from Ballyhaise, a plantation town in County Cavan, which were decades ahead of its American counterpart.


QUAKERS ON THE MOVE – Visualizing US Quaker Migrations   Intermediate    [In Progress]

How do you find Quaker families? FOLLOW THE MEETINGS. Learn how to use Quaker meeting data and maps to locate YOUR ancestor. Then marvel as the data is transformed into a video clip of Quaker migrations. MY OH MY you won’t believe your eyes!


AN UNEXPECTED EXODUS – Southern Quakers to the Mid-West   Intermediate    [In Progress]

You say that the Quakers migrated from the south to the Old Northwest Territory in the early 1800s. Did this mass migration really happen? Retrace their exodus while comparing its footprints in printed sources, Hinshaw’s abstracts, and original records now on-line.