Steven W. Morrison Genealogy

2015_SWM_bSteven Waltz Morrison loves mysteries

From a young age, Steven wondered who volunteered him to be the family historian? Putting pieces together and filling in the gaps is fun. Visiting far-away places, exploring different centuries, learning about new ethnic groups, and unraveling family lore make genealogy worthwhile. But sometimes it can be confusing – strange terms, conflicting information, and relatives who are unable or unwilling to share. What do you do?


Join Steven at SLIG 2021 

Join Steven as he instructs in the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) course From Sea to Shining Sea: Researching Our Ancestors’ Migrations in America. It will be during SLIG Week 1: 10-15 January 2021. The SLIG course contain 20 classes with extensive handouts. This year the courses will be presented virtually.

Steven will present two sessions. The first is a comprehensive overview of mid-1800s migration along seven western trails – 19th Century Trails.  The second – Case Study: An Unusual Migration will explore the migration of Southern Quakers to the northern free states. So ditch the road trip, the air flight, and the hotel room – and come find your ancestors as the migrated across our vast country.

Detailed Course Summary:   From Sea to Shining Sea: Researching Our Ancestors’ Migrations in America


2016 Award Winner

The Fellows of the American Society of Genealogists granted their annual ASG Scholar Award to Steven W. Morrison.