WESTERN TRAILS – Following the Seven Ts Intermediate 

The major trails from the Midwest to the west will be covered in this session. The principle routes will include the Oregon and California Trails, the Mormon migration, the Santa Fe Trail, and more. These were the OVERLAND RIVERS which helped populate the West.

QUAKER MIGRATIONS – Across Ye United States   Intermediate 

How do you find lost Quaker families? FOLLOW THE MEETINGS! Learn how to track your Quaker ancestors by following the opening and closing of monthly meetings they attended. Then marvel at an animated video clip of Quaker meetings marching across the country for 350 years. You won’t believe your eyes!

IRISH FRIENDS MIGRATION TO PENNSYLVANIA – Uncovering an Ulster Family Story    Beginner

Did you know that Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) was one of three major religions in America prior to the revolution? While small in numbers, the travels of Irish Friends are so well documented they provide a migration template for English-speaking nonconformists.

SOUTHERN QUAKERS TO THE MIDWEST – An Unexpected Exodus    Intermediate

You say that the Quakers migrated from the south to the Old Northwest Territory in the early 1800s. Some say that slavery in the South caused it. Did that mass migration really happen? Retrace the exodus of Southern Quakers by comparing its footprints in printed sources, Hinshaw’s abstracts, and original records now available on-line.

QUAKERS ON THE MOVE – Three Friendly Migrations   Intermediate

By the 1730s Quakers were concentrated in four regions. Steady growth within their ranks and continued migration from the British Isles fueled three migrations waves. With their Certificates of Removal as their common currency, each migration is an opportunity for you to track your Quaker ancestor who was likely – on the move.