Presentations – Quakers (Religious Society of Friends)

PROFILE OF A QUAKER – Finding a Friend in Colonial America    Beginner

The profile of a Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) can be as distinctive as a fingerprint. This is due to their ethnic origin, belief system, marriage practices, and separate record structure. This session will teach you profiling techniques, so you can spot a QUAKER in colonial America.


SIMPLY AMAZING – US Quaker Records on Ancestry   Beginner & Intermediate (75 min)

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was one of the largest religions in colonial America. Finding a Quaker ancestor may blow open multiple brick walls. Learn the basics of Quaker church records and discover how wonderfully rich these records can be.


QUAKERS ON THE MOVE – Visualizing US Quaker Migrations   Intermediate (60 & 75 min)

How do you find Quaker families? FOLLOW THE MEETINGS. Learn how to use Quaker meeting data and maps to locate YOUR ancestor. Then marvel as the data is transformed into a video clip of Quaker migrations. MY OH MY you won’t believe your eyes!


IRISH FRIENDS MIGRATION TO PENNSYLVANIA – Uncovering an Ulster Family Story    Beginner

Did you know that Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) was one of three major religions in America prior to the revolution? While small in numbers, the travels of Irish Friends are so well documented they provide a migration template for English-speaking nonconformists.


YOUR POT OF GOLD – Irish Quaker Records    Beginner & Intermediate (75 min)

Are you so lost in Ireland that you need a miracle or help from a leprechaun? Maybe your ancestor was a Quaker (Religious Society of Friends). This session will introduce you to various types of Quaker records so you can navigate the best church records of the Emerald Isle.


QUAKER DATES – And the Missing 11 Days of 1752    Beginner

Conflicting dates on vital records can be puzzling. Is that date – month day year – or day month year? Learn about how clerks in the British Isles and the American colonies created a dating system that linked to both the old Julian and new Gregorian calendars.


A RAMBLING FRIEND – Tracking an Ulsterman in US Quaker Records   Intermediate-Advanced

The depth and breadth of Quaker (Friends) records is simply amazing. Track one immigrant from Ireland – as he gets off the boat until he is disowned. But just when you think the records will run out, they will leap up and surprise you.


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