DIGGING UP NEW DIRT – Unearthing the REAL New England Immigrant    Beginner

Do you believe that family associations know everything about their early New England ancestors? Well, guess again! Learn what nuggets you can uncover by rediscovering original records. So with some surprising facts, sound analysis and a little historical context you may just uncover the real secret about your elusive ancestor.

 STARR FAMILY – 7,000 miles from Ireland to Oregon    Beginner

What is it about some families? They never seem to put roots down for more than a few years, then off they go again. Then they end up with family members scattered all across the country. Follow the migration of a Quaker family from Ireland as we travel from Oregon back in time to the Emerald Isle.

CRACKING A HARD NUT – George Waltz/Walts Founder of Georgetown, Indiana    Beginner

Ever wonder about the family patriarch, a mid-18th Century palatine immigrant? Once you start, you find no original records and thin documentation. With German ‘call names’ revealed, you refocus your search, and find the only hard nut was your German-speaking ancestor living in an English-speaking America.

IRISH FRIENDS MIGRATION TO PENNSYLVANIA – Uncovering an Ulster Family Story    Beginner

Did you know that Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) was one of three major religions in America prior to the revolution? While small in numbers, the travels of Irish Friends are so well documented they provide a migration template for English-speaking nonconformists.

AN UNEXPECTED EXODUS – Southern Quakers to the Midwest    Intermediate

In the late-1790s and early-1800s a flood of southern Quakers migrated to the new “free” states of the Old Northwest Territory. Along with the westward migration of Quakers from the Atlantic seaboard, these two migrations helped to fuel new Yearly Meetings in Ohio and then in Indiana. Retrace this southern exodus while comparing its footprints in printed sources and original records which are now available online.