Barbara Mattoon, South King County Genealogy Society (WA) – March 2023.

“Thank you for your comprehensive presentation on genealogical writing. … Thanks for the the idea of gathering the original documents in a notebook along with the story.”

Stephanie Rodden, Genealogical Society of South Whidbey Island (WA) – April 2022.

“Thank you so much for your presentation on writing your ancestor’s legacy. It really did get me moving on writing up some of my discoveries in a methodical way with references to the facts. The comments afterwards by members were all enthusiastic and they were encouraged to get into writing sooner rather than later! Thank you again for working so hard on your presentation to our group—it was well worth it!”

Mary Sue Kriefall, Genealogical Society of South Whidbey Island (WA) – April 2022.

Thank you for another great presentation. I appreciate your reviewing the GPS for us … [and you] had 1/3 of our society in attendance.”

Heidi Geise, Heritage Quest Research Library, Sumner (WA) – April 2022.

Thank you so much for your class. I took several things away including the need for patience in genealogy and that nothing in this research is simple or easy , but so worthwhile. We are looking forward to your next

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… Again, Thank you.” 

Margie Wilson & Pat Hoyrup, Skagit Valley Genealogical Society (WA) – February 2022.

Thank you for your great presentation today. It was very interesting to trace where the Quakers moved across the country. You could do a whole day symposium on Quakers there is so much rich history surrounding the Quakers. Well done. — It was an eye opener for many of us. I appreciated the organization of your talk and the great use of technology. Your handouts are great also.”

Karen Olynger, San Ramon Valley Genealogical Society (CA) – January 2022.

Thank you so much for your presentation today. You really had a good, detailed focus on a subject that many of us can further explore. Your speaking style was really engaging and had our members thinking about how to further their research into their ancestor’s westward travels.” 

Pam Bellomy, Southern California Genealogical Society (CA) – November 2021.

“I would like to personally thank you for the fantastic webinar, regarding the Western Overland Trails, that you gave tonight. It was so very informative, with so much useful information. I cannot wait to begin researching my family migration, using the information I learned at this class. … Thanks again for a wonderful evening!”

Sally Graves, Southern California Genealogical Society (CA) – November 2021.

“Thank you for your amazing presentation … on Western Overland Trails. I wished it could’ve gone a little longer. Your presentation [reminded me of] the story [my] family has told that … my great grandfather … “walked across the plains.” Can’t wait to receive your expanded handout to gain more information about [it.]”

Kris Hodson, Southern California Genealogical Society (CA) – November 2021.

“I echo the many expressions of appreciation for tonight’s webinar presentation on the Western Overland Trails. … Like a good lecture should, yours left me more curious about the westward trails than ever before. For that, I sincerely thank you for your work.”

Elsie Deatherage, Clark County Genealogical Society (WA) – November 2021.

“Thank you very much for speaking to [our Society]. I really enjoyed the program and I received several follow up emails expressing their appreciations for the program.”

Michael McShane, Web Host – Cavan Townlands (IRE) – October 2021.

“I wanted to let you know the article has just been published and can be viewed [below]. I think it looks fantastic and will really add greatly to our knowledge of this important (and sometimes neglected) census fragment. … In fact we only dealt with an 1821 Ballyhaise query last night. Thanks again for the contribution.”

Andrea Patterson, Rogue Valley Genealogical Society (OR) – February 2021.

“A quick note to thank you for the great presentation last Saturday. It was very well received. … It was very easy to work with you & I almost don’t want to return to ‘in-home’ seminars!” 

Ginger Goodell, Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, Student – January 2021.

“Thank you for being a part of the 2021 SLIG Migration Course. I so appreciated your syllabus. As you presented your lecture … [it] followed what you were saying … [and] I didn’t need to take nearly as many [notes] as I normally would. You also talked about trails I’d never heard before, (e.g. Applegate Trail). Your ten-page handout [and] lecture ’19th Century Trails: Following the Seven Ts’ have become my go-to resource … [to locate] our family migrations.”

Stephanie Rodden, Genealogical Society of South Whidbey Island (WA) – November 2020.

“I want you to know how much our members (and our board in particular) appreciated  your presentation on Monday to our group.  We received excellent feedback on the clarity of your presentation, and particularly how attentive you were to our questions. … It was especially heartening in the end that you did not find the answers to all your research questions;  [but] the process was enlightening.”

Barbara Lockard, Lower Columbia Genealogy Society (WA) – May 2019.

“You are an excellent speaker and a strong motivator. Your programs are always interesting and inspiring. Thank you for your willingness to speak to our society.” 

Dee Haviland Fournier, Heritage Quest Research Library (WA) – April 2019.

“Thank you for your presentation ‘Assembling Your Proof.’ It was a great success … Talking to attendees afterward, there was a definite desire to have you speak again. They thought your presentation was clear and concise. It was also expressed that it made the word “Evidence” less daunting!”

Carole Eckhart, Starr family cousin – September 2018.

“I read [your journal article] … with great interest last night. Stayed up until I was finished and want to reread it right away. I also noticed from the footnotes that you have written other pieces that I will want to read. Love it that you are so devoted to this research and that you have the knowledge and drive to pursue it.  … Congratulations on a job wonderfully well done. What a service to the rest of us Starrs.”

Margie Wilson, Skagit Valley Genealogical Society (WA) – March 2018.

“So, once again, thank you for taking the substantial time and effort to come up to the Skagit Valley for your program. … Even yesterday (Monday) at a DAR meeting in Mount Vernon I heard several compliments about your Irish research presentation that you gave at SVGS last Saturday. The topic really seemed to get genealogists up away from their computers, out of their pajamas as eager to learn more about solving their brickwalls.

Trevor Parkhill, Editor – Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review – February 2018.

“Your interpretation of the Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan 1821 census … will prove to be of enormous interest and benefit to … our readership …  . It is that rarest of genealogical sources, an authenticated document from the pre-Famine period … . The tables … will add to its general research value.”

Kathy Erlandson, Olympia Genealogical Society (WA) – November 2017.

“Thank you Steven, for your wonderful presentation and the accompanying notes!”

Carol Rikerd, Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society (WA) – May 2017.

“Thank you for coming to our rescue on short notice, and encouraging us to begin the so-easy-to-put off work of writing. Everyone who spoke to me said how much they enjoyed this talk, and how much they learned from you.”

Nancy Ladenberger, Puget Sound Genealogical Society (WA) – April 2017.

“Thank you for your talk last Saturday, it was one of the best I have ever attended.” 

ASG Scholar Award for 2016

At their meeting in Salt Lake City on October 8, 2016 the Fellows of The American Society of Genealogists granted their annual ASG Scholar Award to Steven W. Morrison, MPA, of Olympia, Washington, for his article “Quaker John Starr of Antrim and Cavan, Ireland, and His Five Sons Who Sailed to Pennsylvania.” The ASG Scholar Award rewards talented genealogists with stipends to pursue advanced academic training in genealogy.

Bagley Dawson, Bainbridge Island Genealogy Society (WA) – October 2016.

“I appreciated your insights – amongst many others – to look at a wider time sweep … ; and especially the clarity you brought to as morass of genetic population data.”

Barbara Lockard, Lower Columbia Genealogy Society (WA) – October 2016.

“Your programs are always very upbeat, and you have a wonderful talent of keeping your audience engaged and motivated. Thank you for helping to make us more informed genealogists.” 

Judy Rice, Puget Sound Genealogy Society (WA) – August 2016.

“I thank you for coming to educate us on the Julian to Gregorian Calendar changes. Myself, I was impressed with your ability to liven an academic topic with your well-placed humor and personalized examples.”

Patty Olsen, Lewis County Genealogy Society (WA) – May 2016.

“I learn new things every time you present a program. We loved it.”

J. Edward Starr, Tucson Arizona – March 2016.

“I read your Familia article with great interest. You have done a masterful job of documenting our family in Ireland. It is great to finally have a scholarly source to cite on our Irish roots. Thank you so much for your research and for the copy of your article.” 

Trevor Parkhill, Editor – Familia: Ulster Genealogical Review – January 2016.

“Your stylishly-written article, … will prove to be of enormous interest to our widely-spread readership. In telling the story of one family will serve to exemplify the migratory path of many others … . I hope you are pleased with the outcome …”

Patty Olsen, Lewis County Genealogy Society (WA) – May 2015.

“I’m embarrassed to be so far behind the 8-ball thanking you for your wonderful presentation. You got rave reviews from my members. You are so informative, but more than that, you’re very easy to listen to!”

WSGS Award for 2014 

Steven W. Morrison, of Olympia, WA, is recognized for his dedication to furthering the quality of genealogical education in Washington State and furthering the goals and operation of the Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (PS-APG). Mr. Morrison is the current chapter representative of the PS-APG. He is a valued participant in the speaker’s forum which is an interest group of the PS-APG. He is also a member of the National Genealogical Society. He regularly attends local and national advanced genealogical training courses such as the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. Mr. Morrison was President of the Olympia Genealogical Society from 2003 to 2005 where he was the chair of their spring seminar for three years. He will be presenting two workshops at the Washington State Genealogy Conference in Arlington in August 2014. Mr. Morrison’s contributions to the PS-APG and the field of genealogy illustrate that he richly deserves this recognition. (Washington State Genealogical Society)

Barbara Lockard, Lower Columbia Genealogy Society (WA) – September 2014.

“It is always a pleasure to hear you speak, and we leave your presentations with a new sense of motivation due to your shared techniques.”

Student comments, The Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA) – November 2009.

  • “Mr. Morrison helped to clarify some important ideas for me about why the Irish feel the need to be Celtic.”
  • “I wasn’t such a great science student in high school, but now I feel like it’s not totally out of reach for to do this kind of work.”
  • “The resource section was great in the handout.”