Some families are lucky, they have family lore. But is this story true? With new online collections we can now double check to see how it holds up to the light of some original records. Only then will we know if it’s a keeper or just fools’ gold. A case study of colonial Virginia entrepreneur Isaac Perkins/Parkins.

NO DATABASE, NO PROBLEM – Building your own Genealogical Database with Excel   Intermediate

What if there is no genealogical database for your relation? No problem, build your own. Explore how Excel software can reveal key answers about your ancestor. Presented in a case study format.

THE TREASURERS OF ONSITE RESEARCH – In Ireland and the United Kingdom    Intermediate 

Are you ready to try to locate original records overseas? This lighthearted tale will help you determine if your travels skills are ready for such an adventure. Also explore other cost effective options such as a genealogy tour group, or just stay home by hiring an agent!

ASSEMBLING YOUR PROOF – Hunting for High Quality Resources    Intermediate

You looked and found more than you expected! Now you have multiple dates for the same event. What should you use? Which is more reliable? How do you decide? Learn how to handle multiple conflicting sources from family traditions to hatched, matched and dispatched records.

START WRITING – Your Ancestor’s Legacy Depends upon YOU!    Intermediate

To some genealogists ‘the hunt’ is everything. Learn how to shift gears and to write a cohesive story about your ancestor. Writing helps you refocus your thinking. You might even surprise yourself, realizing you’ve bagged your ancestor without knowing it!

IS IT TRUE?  Using Manuscripts and Family Records for Genealogical Proof    Intermediate

To some, family records – including diaries, letters, and personal photographs – may be seen as having little genealogical value. Nothing could be further from the truth! Explore how original information from the Oregon trail can shine new light on undiscovered facts or family relationships.

QUAKER DATES – And the Missing 11 Days of 1752    Beginner

Conflicting dates on vital records can be puzzling. Is that date – month day year – or day month year? Learn about how clerks in the British Isles and the American colonies created a dating system that linked to both the old Julian and new Gregorian calendars.

NOW WHAT?  Options for YOUR Genealogy Education    Intermediate

Ready to move your Family History research up to the next level? This session provides an overview of ways to advance your genealogy skills and knowledge. It will review available seminars, conferences, and training courses. Learn if an on-line or on-site training course is the best fit for your needs.