OUTLAW GENEALOGY – Finding the Outlaw in YOUR Family    Beginner  

Are you fed up with working family lines which are ‘tight as a tick?’ Stop treating them like family and start tracking them like real outlaws. Saddle up and learn how to use genealogical techniques to trail your elusive relation just like a Wild West story.

WESTERN OVERLAND TRAILS – Following the Seven Ts      Intermediate

The major trails from the Midwest to the west will be covered in this session. The principal routes will include the Oregon and California Trails, the Mormon migration, the Santa Fe Trail, and more. These were the OVERLAND RIVERS which helped populate the West.

IS IT TRUE?  Using Manuscripts and Family Records for Genealogical Proof    Intermediate

To some, family records – including diaries, letters, and personal photographs – may be seen as having little genealogical value. Nothing could be further from the truth! Explore how original information from the Oregon Trail can shine new light on undiscovered facts or family relationships.